25 दिसंबर 2010

AISA Strongly Condemns Raipur Sessions Court’s Verdict Today Convicting Dr. Binayak Sen!!

AISA To Protest This Travesty of Justice, Calls for Protest Demonstration at Chhatisgarh Bhawan on 27th Dec at 2.30 pm!!
Today’s the Raipur Sessions Court has delivered a shocking verdict convicting Dr. Binayak Sen for ‘sedition’ and ‘waging war against the state’. The court has also sentenced him to life imprisonment for these alleged ‘crimes’. AISA strongly condemns this verdict, and calls upon the progressive and democratic forces in the country to launch strong protests against this state-sponsored witch-hunt, which amounts to nothing less than a grave travesty of justice. AISA national general secretary Ravi Rai said, This verdict is a blot on Indian democracy, and has to unequivocally protested. Dr. Sen, who has been one of the most vocal voices against the state-sponsored genocide under the garb of Salwa Judum, is being punished without a shred of credible evidence for his role in condemning state violence in Chhatisgarh.”

It is to be noted that throughout the trial, the prosecution failed miserably failed to show any evidence linking the highly respected paediatrician and human rights activist with the Maoists. Any pieces of ‘evidence’ were lacking the most basic proof of authenticity. Firstly, the most important ‘evidence’ presented by the prosecution is a letter allegedly seized during a raid on Dr. Sen’s house. This letter does not contain signatures of Dr. Sen himself, and is not included in the list of items noted in the seizure memo. For the Court to overlook such overwhelming proof of faked evidence, and instead to convict on the basis of such faked evidence, is nothing but a travesty of justice.

During the trial, the prosecution more than once showed itself in a ridiculous light. “On one occasion, the prosecution displayed its rank ignorance when it argued that Dr. Sen’s wife Ilina Sen’s conversation with the ‘ISI’ showed her links to Pakistani intelligence – whereas it was in fact a conversation with Walter Fernandes of the Indian Social Institute, a well-known institute in Delhi. For the court to give credence to a prosecution case that was reduced to such farcical and absurd arguments is a shame,” added Ravi.
AISA has called a protest demonstration on 27th December (Monday) from 2.30 pm onwards at the Chhattisgarh Bhawan against this travesty of justice.

Ravi Rai,
National General Secretary

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