17 जून 2011

Attack on PUCL interns by Police at Patan Police station, Sikar, Rajasthan

As you are aware that on the evening of the 14th of June, 2011, six students who had gone on a study tour with two senior PUCL members to a few villages of Neem ka thana mining affected area, were illegally detained and were subjected to custodial violence at the Dabla police chowki, of Patan Police Station. The person responsible for all this was Gokul Sharma, SHO Patan Police Station and around twenty five other policemen. The MLA of the area, who has mining interests and whose Munshi filed a false case against Sanwal Ram was used as the pretext to intimidate and terrorise the students.
In the press conference organised by PUCL Rajasthan at Vinoba Gyan Mandir at 2 o clock, the victims of police repression, the six students were present with the senior members of the PUCL like harkesh bugaliya and kailash meena headed by the President of PUCL Rajasthan, advocate prem krishan Sharm who condemned the violations of human rights of the PUCL intern students and called the attack a matter of serious concern.

To the latest information FIR has not been registered against the SHO and other policemen involved in illegal detention and custodial violence.

The following spoke in the press conference--
kapil singh sankhla, a pucl member emphasised on the nexus between the mining mafia and the state machinery which is destabilising the law and order in the area and resulting in the loss of faith with the police system and the government. He also criticized the illegal detention and custodial violence against the student interns and especially the illegal detention of two women in which one is minor who were detained and mentally harassed by verbalabuse by the police.

kailash meena told the media present in the hall about the repression of the state machinery in various forms like police harassment and lodging of false cases against the activists like him and others. He condemned the misuse of the laws against the movement people and the people in general and he wowed to continue the movement.

Harkesh bugaliya, trade unionist from Jaipur, threw light on the way forward to be taken by the activists further. He told to the press to continue the struggle and support the people of the villages who are victims of illegal mining and its harmful impacts in many ways. And to organise mass awareness programs about the illegal mining impacts in villages with yatras and rallies.

Krishna, a social work pass out student from TISS, Mumbai and also a member of PUCL described the attack on him as repression to stop the movement and a violation of human rights and hence condemned the act of illegal detention and custodial violence.

Saloni a student of national law college, Patiala also a victim of harassment by the police
condemned the illegal detention and mental harassment of women students in the night in which one (shivani) is a minor. She, an aware law student slammed the illegaldetention of women students without presence of lady police in the station.

All the pucl activists and student interns pledged to support the struggle of the people against the unlawsful and hazardous illegal mining industry which is having hand in glove with the police administration.

ATTACHEMENTS – Application submitted to SP, Sikar,
                               Memorandum submitted to the Director General of Police, Jaipur,
Advocate Prem krishan Sharma
President, PUCL, Rajasthan
Radha kant Saxena
PUCL Vice President, Rajasthan

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