19 मार्च 2011

Condemnation of beating of relatives of accused in Bareilly Central Jail

Relatives of some accused lodged in Bareilly Central Jail were beaten up along with the accused thoroughly upon instructions from Deputy Jailor when they asked for more time to meet the accused. The accused are Jang Bahadur Khan s/o Khan Bahadur r/o Moradabad, Mohammad Sharif s/o Ayub Khan r/o Village Akhilpur, Dist. Rampur, Kausar Farooqi s/o Kadiruddin r/o Kunda, Dist. Pratapgarh, and Gulab s/o Shamsher r/o Mohalla Shahgarh, Dist. Bareilly.
The abovementioned are accused in the case of terrorist attack on CRPF camp, Rampur, on the eve of New Year’s Day few years back. It is believed that the police is having a tough time in putting together evidence against the accused to prove their involvement in the attack.

The relatives who went to meet the accused were Anwar Farooqi, brother of Kausar Farooqi, Sher Ali, brother, Bano, wife and Shakila, mother of Jang Bahadur, Shaheen Paervez, brother of Gulab and Shaheen, brother of Mohammad Sharif. They were locked and beaten in the High Risk Ward and communal abuses were hurled at them by the police and convicts involved in beating them.

We condemn the attack on relatives and accused by police and convicts inside the Jail premises and demand action against the guilty.

Rajeev Yadav, Shahnawaz Alam, Advocate Mohammad Shoaib, S.R. Darapuri, Arundhati Dhuru, Bobby Ramakant, Devesh Patel and Sandeep Pandey

National Alliance of People’s Movements and Lok Rajniti Manch

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