20 अगस्त 2011

Malegaon Blast-Judicial Communalism and the reality behind Indian Muzahiddin

Speakers: Subhas Gatade, Anil Chamadia, Ajit Sahi, Mujtaba Farooq.
Venue: UP Press Club, Lucknow.
Timing: 11:30 to 2 PM, Sunday, 21.08.2011.

A decision came last month, from a Mumbai court, granting bail to two accused of Malegaon blast, stating “they both are not involved in the conspiracy, although they were duly informed about the conspiracy”. On the contrast, several Muslim youths across the country have been detained for years on the ground of mere ‘doubts’. On such issues, the attitude of judiciary has gone visibly communal to a dangerous limit. Also, the frequent detention of Muslims in the name of Indian Muzahiddin is increased, in order to establish ‘terrorism’ under a new frame. Discourses are on regarding what Indian Muzahiddin is, who it belongs to, whether it certainly exists or it’s a government sponsored fiction on paper. Some organizations and intellectuals are demanding the government to issue a White Paper on Indian Muzahiddin and its activities.
In this regard a seminar is organized to discuss upon exposed Hindutva links to terror, where the pretext of Norway incident would also be discussed.

Adv. Md Shoaib (9415012666), Arundhati Dhuru (9415022772), S.R. Darapuri (9415164845), Rooprekha Verma (9335905337), Shidharth Kalhans (9336154024), Javed Mh. (9936929000), Randhir Singh Suman (9450195427), Zahir Alam Falahi (9450084200),Adv. Ajamal, Adv. Jamal, Pushpendre K. Singh, Ravi Shekhar (9369444528), Ekta Singh (9807380472), Shahnavaz Alam (9415254919), Rajeev yadav (9452800752).

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