24 मई 2010

PUCL-UP Statement on unsolicited phone calls to its Organizing Secretary

PUCL-UP Statement on unsolicited phone calls to its Organizing Secretary

Since December 2007, the present team of PUCL-UP has been active in
exposing illegal state violence, particularly in the name of terrorism
and also has effectively intervened in many cases.
The PUCL intervention in the spate of arrests that followed the UP
Courts Bomb Blasts case, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Jaipur blast cases and
finally the Jamia fake encounters has invited the irk of the state
establishments so much that most of the active PUCL members have been
implicated in many false cases. Here, it needs to be reminded that
none of the PUCL activists have had any criminal cases against them
before their stated position on the Jamia Nagar encounter and having
pointed out the deliberate targeting of Muslim youth particularly from
Azamgarh. Further, PUCL-UP and its members have been subjected to
covert and overt threats of action from the State departments using
allegations that PUCL-UP is a group of Naxalite sympathizers apart
from protecting terrorists!
The latest in this spate of harassment happened on the 23rd May, 2010,
when the Organizing Secretary of PUCL –UP, Shahnawaz Alam received 2
calls on his mobile phone from one Mr. Mallesh (080-25559775) claiming
to be from the Crime Branch – Bangalore, BJP governed Karnatka policeman
quizzing him about his phone number being found in the 2008 call records of 
the sim card of the suspect allegedly apprehended for the bomb planted in the
 Chinnaswamy stadium on 17th April, 2010.
The PUCL – UP unequivocally declares that the organization and all its
members are willing to cooperate with the State agencies with respect
to any investigation as long as the procedure established by law is
followed. However, PUCL-UP condemns all attempts to bully them into
silence or harass them using the Criminal Justice Process in order to
stop the work that they have been involved in.

Ravi Kiran Jain
Chitranjan Singh,
Vandana Mishra
Sandeep Pandey
S. R. Darapuri
Mohammed Shoiab
K.K. Rai
Randheer Singh Suman
Rajeev Yadav
Mashihuddin Sanjari
Tariq Shafiq
Balwant Yadav

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